Why colour matters in business

“People make up their minds within 90 seconds of their initial interactions with either people or products. About 62 to 90 percent of the assessment is based on colours alone.”

I’ve been going down a bit of a rabbit hole lately reading about psychology and marketing and came across this study called “Impact of Colour on Marketing”.

Up to 90% of a person’s opinion of a brand is based on colours alone.

Mind blowing!

Further to this, other studies have found that our judgements based on colour aren’t necessarily in regards to stereotypical colour associations, but more in regards to whether the colours used SUIT a particular product or brand.

If colour is one of the strongest influences in determining the likability and familiarity of a brand, we’d be crazy to not pay attention to it!

So, here’s a few questions you can consider to determine whether you’re using colour to your marketing advantage?

▪️Is your use of colour obvious to your audience?
▪️Is there consistency between your brand / logo colours and the colours featured in your social media and marketing?
▪️Do the colours you use suit your brand’s personality?
▪️Is there repetition in your use of colour, or does it feel random?

Have fun with it! There's worse "audits" to need to do on our business.

Tahnee Sanders