Why captions really do matter

“Why bother writing such long Instagram captions when nobody reads them anyway?”

I’ve heard this question before as I’m known for my somewhat-lengthy captions on Instagram! As you might have guessed, I have a lot of thoughts on it!

I’m not chasing likes. I’m chasing attention.

  • I’m not chasing likes, I’m chasing attention. Not everyone is going to stop and read a lengthy Instagram post, and that’s fine! But those that DO are the types of followers I genuinely want to connect with. 

I’m attracting an engaged audience without paying for them.

  • Similarly, being a free and useful resource to people attracts the right audience, and clients, without you needing to pay for them. In a largely pay-to-play social media world, this is a HUGE benefit. (At the risk of sounding like a broken record: Don’t underestimate the gains you can make by providing value in a world where people are used to being sold to.)

I’m intentionally serving my ideal client.

  • You might have heard me say before “Think about how your ideal client would like to be served?”. My ideal client wants useful, easy-to-digest information they can apply to their businesses using their existing resources. Sharing advice through longer captions is one way I can offer this.

Writing brings me great joy!

  • And lastly, I was a journalist for the first 6+ years of my career and writing brings me great joy, so why stop! #cantstopwontstop

Fun Fact: I keep a running document of every Instagram post I’ve shared and ideas I have for upcoming posts. This document is currently over 60 pages long and this Instagram account is less than 6 months old. That’s a LOT of words…. Over 20,000 to be exact. (Thank you, word count).

Tahnee Sanders