What to say when you're out of words (and photos)

Having one of those days (or weeks) where you feel like you’ve got nothing to say and no pictures worth sharing on your social channels?

An easy quick tip is to take a look at your Instagram insights and see what content your audience has been responding too most of late.

You can change the parameters around engagement, comments, likes, saves, etc to see if there’s anything noticeable that stands out. If there is, there’s a strong chance this is the type of content your audience wants to see more of!

If there’s no patterns that stand out, here are some other ideas to kick-start your social media slump:

  • When did you last share a photo of yourself in your feed and (re)introduce yourself to your followers? 

  • Why did you start your business and what have been the 1-3 best lessons you’ve learned along the way?

  • Do you have a recent testimonial from a past client you could share that gave you all the feels? 

  • What is one challenge facing your ideal client and can you share a piece of advice to help them overcome that challenge?

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Tahnee Sanders