Start small and local. Here's why.

When starting or running a predominantly online business, it’s common to spend a lot of time and energy focused on how you can attract as many people as possible to your brand.

You think “The world is my oyster filled with potential clients and customers!”. And to some extent it is.

But here’s a reality check. Chances are you have very little credibility to a national audience in the early days of biz, and clamouring for their attention is about as useful as trying to convince an overtired toddler they’ll feel better if they just have a sleep! #theyneverbelieveus #truth. 

The better approach? Take on your local market first where you have all of the goods: credibility, knowledge, contacts, resources, manpower and the opportunity for endless referrals! In the meantime you can still be pursuing that national audience that you absolutely have the potential to attract.

It’s all about the long game, friends. Don’t let tunnel vision of that ultimate goal distract you from all of the critical steps (and wins!) you need to have along the way to get there.

Where can you bring the most value and have the biggest wins? That's where you need to start.

Tahnee Sanders