No such thing as "too good to share"

“But if I share too much of my process, or give too much away, no one will ever need my services.”

Ever found yourself second guessing posting something on your social media out of fear it feels “too good to share”? 

Especially when you work in a highly saturated and competitive market, wanting to keep information to yourself can feel like a way of protecting your business.

BUT… (you know there’s always a but, right) the problem with this way of thinking is that you’re usually basing this decision to post or not post based on your COMPETITOR instead of your CUSTOMER. In trying to protect a competitor from getting access to your source / resource / recipe / routine / business systems / advice, you’re actually neglecting the needs of people who need it most.

Put on your ideal client’s shoes with me for a moment.

If you’re looking for a service provider or product, are you more likely to be drawn to the business that goes above and beyond to serve you before you’ve even paid them a cent? Or are you going with the business that looks schmick and professional but feels a bit unapproachable and not as helpful (until you’ve paid them money)? It’s a no brainer!!

Serving your ideal client well at every opportunity is a far better investment in your business than attempting to protect yourself from a competitor.

Tahnee Sanders