It's never too early to ask for help

How far along with my business idea do I need to be before I ask for help?”

EXCELLENT question. And the short answer is: the sooner you ask for help the more efficient you’ll be in testing your idea and deciding whether or not you should pursue it further.

Here’s a great example.

I had a Strategy Session with a client over the weekend who was in the very beginning stages of starting a new business. She was at the “big idea” phase 💡(my favourite!) where she’d been toying with an idea for well over a year now and wanted to take that next step… but she didn’t know what that looked like, or where to even start. (Google can be both your greatest resource AND your greatest source of overwhelm when you’re looking for help!)

Together we talked through the best way to begin testing her idea and organically gather market research, so she could gain access to important data she needs without it costing her a tonne of money.

With this information in hand she’ll be able to make an educated decision on whether she should continue to pursue this idea further, or pivot towards something different. Best of all, she’ll be making this decision BEFORE sinking hard-earned cash into a business idea that hasn’t been properly vetted.

So to answer that initial question… if you have a solid idea that you haven’t been able to shake for many months (or years) now, I’d say that’s a pretty good indication you need to look into it further.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! That’s one of the reasons business coaches and strategists exist - to help you vet an idea effectively and efficiently.

And this process I just explained 👆🏻… we covered in less than 2 hours together. So what are you waiting for? It’s never too early to ask for help and take that next step forward with your big idea.

If you’re interested in joining me for a Strategy Session, send me an inquiry. I’d love to hear from you.

Tahnee Sanders