Instagram algorithm got you down?

Hands up if you’ve said / heard / read this statement? “What’s up with the Instagram algorithm lately? It’s killing me!”

Firstly, if you have thought this, you’re not alone. But more importantly… what if I told you the algorithm didn’t matter?

How many Instagram accounts do you loyally follow and seek out content from but rarely actually like or leave a comment on?

What if I told you there were followers who come looking for your content regularly, never engage, but are your biggest fans in the “real world”?

Do you have any proof that more likes equals more bookings/orders/clients?

What if the post with the lowest engagement of the last month was the one that prompted a follower to make an inquiry with you?

Don’t be a “player” chasing likes and follows. Be the reliable, honest, and trustworthy one who continues to show up in this social media world in encouraging ways, no matter how many times you get knocked down / rejected / ignored.

In a world where people are used to (and sick of) being sold to, be the breath of fresh air that brings them value instead. 

If you’re content is valuable, followers will actively seek you out no matter what games the algorithm decides to play.

Tahnee Sanders