I'm not your traditional strategist

I don’t consider myself your “traditional” business and marketing strategist.

I don’t create 50+ page reports. 

I don’t advocate the use of multiple social media channels.

I don’t spend hours designing org charts for the future.

All of these things are valuable, but they’re not the way I do business, and here’s why.

I’m a SMALL business strategist and my clients are SMALL business owners which means:

  • The 50+ page report will become a dust-collecting document that you don’t have time to action. 

  • Using more than 3 social media channels means at least one of them will undoubtedly be neglected due to a lack of resources.

  • Planning for in 5 years time will become a goal once you’ve overcome the challenges and managed the priorities you’re facing in the next week / month / year.

Strategy is important but EXECUTION is EVERYTHING.

My passion and goal is to empower small business owners by developing strategies you have the resources to execute. 

I NEVER want you to leave a session with me feeling more lost, overwhelmed and defeated than before we started.

If that means managing just two social media accounts well; I think that’s AWESOME. 

If that looks like a 3-page marketing strategy document outlining 5 key goals for the next few months; that’s what I call PROGRESS. 

If adding one new member to your team is going to make the next 6-12 months run more smoothly; I call that kicking GOALS.

Don’t be tricked into thinking “business strategy” is for once you’ve “got it all together”. 

My kind of strategy is the kind that helps you pull “all the things” together when it feels like “none of the things” are in order!

Chaos. Conquered.

Tahnee SandersComment