How to use Twitter for business

What’s the go with Twitter and should I be using it for my business?

Twitter’s not for everyone, but here’s some info that might help you decide if it’s a good fit for you. 

Who is on Twitter?

Twitter is truly global with 79% of Twitter accounts based outside of the US. 40% of users are aged 18 - 29, with 27% aged 30 - 49. More women than men use Twitter in the US, however that statistic is reversed in almost every other country. Twitter users typically have above-average incomes and more than half have some form of college education or higher. 

How to use Twitter for marketing

Twitter is the place to listen and learn. Instead of broadcasting content to your followers like you might do with Instagram, Twitter is the place to figure out who they are. What topics are they interested in? What conversations do they engage with? What brands are they interacting with? Do they mention your brand, and in what context? What are the pain points they talk about and how can you solve them? Follow your followers as their tweets will provide you with a lot of valuable insights!

Where are the biggest opportunities? 

  • Chronological news feed! Yes, it still exists! You can find the right time to tweet to reach the most potential followers (using hashtags) and maximize engagement.

  • Increasing brand awareness and trust. Twitter is open (no private accounts) which means you are accessible to your customers and clients, which also means you can keep them happy with real-time customer service. 85% of small and medium businesses use Twitter to provide customer support. 

  • Being seen as a thought-leader or expert in your industry. Use your voice on Twitter (and your 280 characters at a time) to educate your following. Sometimes that might be with your own content and other times you might wade through the mass of content out there and curate valuable resources for your audience so they look to you as a trusted source of information.

  • Drive website traffic. 47% of the people that visit a Twitter profile, also visit the website linked to that profile! Remember on Twitter you can tweet our direct links, rather than relying on “link in profile”.

Tahnee Sanders