How to become an entrepreneur...

If you've followed me for a while now you'll remember I've previous shared about my fear of being vulnerable; the feeling of being exposed, like my weaknesses are on show, or committing to something when I can’t control the outcome.

You might also remember I committed to "being in the arena" and surrendering my control, all in the pursuit of personal fulfillment and business growth. So far it's been paying off, but like anything it's always a work in progress.

Case in point: Having built a career out of being the one asking the questions, I knew I was going to be pushed well out of my comfort zone when @jenniferkolbuc approached me for a feature on @medium’s The Mompreneur blog. I also knew it was an opportunity I was not going to pass up!

So I committed. And it was WONDERFUL. Poor Jenn... she was note taking at a thousand words a minute because she couldn't shut me up. (Brevity: Not my strong suit.)

You can read the full feature on The Mompreneur.

So here’s to showing up, pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones, and being in the arena.

Tahnee Sanders