How do clients find out about you?

How often do you ask a new client how they found out about you? 

I want to tell you a quick story about the answer I received to this question recently. It went something like this.

“So where did you find out about The Strategy Studio?” 

“I was actually following someone on Instagram from my home town and I saw that they tagged you and mentioned something you’d said in one of their posts. So I checked out your account and started following you.”

I knew immediately the post she was referring to. It was this one. On April 7 the wonderful Sugar Mummah had referenced how my post had got her thinking. My now client (one of Sugar Mummah’s followers) noticed the tag and jumped over to my Instagram account and began following me. Fast forward four months and that “follower” and I just had our first Strategy Session together (and she has a really awesome business idea I can’t wait to see her develop!).

Now how fun is that?!

That original post is FAR from one of my best performing posts. But it’s a post that resulted in me connecting with a new client. And THAT is why I love this little corner of the internet. Women supporting women in business!

Never underestimate the value in just being yourself and sharing, no matter what level of engagement the post receives.

You never know what is going to resonate with others… and that’s half the beauty of it, really.

Tahnee Sanders