Business is about more than passion

This is not going to be a popular opinion…

But I’m going to share it anyway, because it’s a truth I’m glad I came to terms with before starting The Strategy Studio. 

When it comes to starting and running a successful business, it’s not enough to indulge your passion.

There, I said it.

So often I read advice from business coaches and entrepreneurs telling the world they’re success is a result of “doing what I love and doing it well”. Honestly? I just don’t buy it.

It doesn’t matter how unique, or how exciting, or how beautiful, your business idea is if no one NEEDS it or ASPIRES to have it.

An idea without an audience is just that… an idea.

An idea becomes a thriving business when it fulfills both you AND it fulfills a need, desire or want within a target market.

This is why market research is so. so. so important before your sink your life savings into pursuing your passion. It’s also why I’m a huge advocate for the “side hustle”. It’s the perfect opportunity to use your time while you still have a stable income to grow an audience and test your big ideas.

It goes without saying that any success involves an element of risk tasking. But when that risk taking is backed by real-world insight and data, your likelihood of succeeding is THAT much higher.

FUN FACT: The Strategy Studio was my un-named side-hustle for close to 5 years before I officially launched in 2019! By the time I finally took the leap and made it legit I was armed with data and real-life experience that proved to me there was a need for my somewhat-random-but-gloriously-fulfilling set of skills. (And in case you were wondering…. Journalist/Editor → Florist/Stylist → Wedding + Event Director → Copywriter/Marketer/Content Strategist → Small Business Strategist + Business OWNER + Mum.) You can read more about my business journey here.

Tahnee Sanders