Why you need "pain points" in business

What are pain points, and why would I need them? Great question… because they sure don’t sound desirable, but I promise you they are!

A pain point is marketing talk for struggles that resonate with people.

You need pain points because - in order to be successful - your product or service will need to be able to resolve some of these problems for your customer.

Let me give you some examples of customer pain points for different businesses:

  • Makeup artist: I never wear makeup and I’m worried I won’t look like myself on my wedding day if I have a full face of makeup on!

  • Photographer: The thought of standing in front of a camera and smiling makes me cringe and feel incredibly uncomfortable. How can I find a photographer that can just take candid photos that I don’t need to pose for?

  • Pilates instructor: I really want to try pilates but the machines look complicated and the whole thing seems intimidating so I wouldn’t know where to start.

  • Florist: I just want flowers that look like they’re picked straight from the garden. Why do florists cost so much?

  • Business Strategist: I have a vision for where I want to take my business but I have no idea how to get there and I’m drowning trying to do “all the things”. 

(Remember every customer will have multiple pain points. These are just examples of 1 pain point for each of these professions.)

Now, in order for your business to be successful, you need to offer a SOLUTION to these problems for your ideal client / customer. How you communicate these solutions is key.

As a business strategist, I remove that dreaded feeling of overwhelm to help you prioritize what needs to happen to get your business moving in the right direction.

Saying that in a sentence is one thing, but I need to find multiple ways to communicate to you HOW it is possible… hence, my often lengthy Instagram captions!

As a makeup artist, how can you communicate that it is possible to create a beautiful, natural look without making the client feel like they’re wearing “a full face of makeup”. 

As a photographer, how can you communicate your approach to photography that removes a client’s fear of being told to “pose”.

And so on…

If you’re struggling to identify the pain points for your business, send me a DM on Instagram @thestrategystudio and I’ll try offer some suggestions!

Tahnee Sanders