What parenthood has taught me about business

Today our sweet girl turned TWO and I can't quite believe it. My husband and I were doing some reminiscing after we put her to bed last night and I realised just how many big life lessons we've learned from the littlest person in our family.
Here's just a couple I wanted to share…

Ambition is an asset

I've always considered myself an ambitious person and in my early-mid 20s wasn't sure if I wanted children because of the perceived impact it would have on my career. I thought my ambition would make me a "bad parent" because I was so devoted to my work. I look back at 25-year old Tahnée now and smile. If only she knew! Nothing makes you more ambitious than wanting to set an example of what it looks like to create and live a life you love. I love what I do, as does my husband in his work, and our careers bring us both a lot of fulfillment. I hope Lydia grows up seeing work as the wonderful opportunity that it is.

Time is valuable.

I thought I knew the value of time, and then I had a child! Never have I been so efficient or my time so valuable. I choose not to view my time at work as "time away from Lydia", as I know I am a better parent when I'm engaged by what I do professionally. But I am certainly more aware now than ever that I work as hard as I do when I do in order to keep my cup full to enjoy every minute I spend with my husband and daughter.

To anyone that ever tells you children will "change your life", indeed they will. And in more positive ways than I had ever imagined possible.

Tahnee Sanders