Growing your business with the right clients

“I need to grow my audience to get my business in front of the right people. How do I do that?”

Up next in our ongoing series… this challenge. And to solve it I’m going to go a little old-school on you and tell you to step away from the computer (or your phone). 

If the value of your business is heavily dependent upon people having an interaction with you personally, then giving people an opportunity to meet you and know you is paramount.

When it comes to offering a service, word of mouth is still KING.

Think about it… anytime you need something, whether it’s a restaurant to dine at, an accountant for your small business, a handyman for your home, or a florist for an upcoming event - you are going to ask friends and contacts in your network if they have any recommendations. You’re still going to jump online and do your research, but if you can back up your online research with a word-of-mouth referral, you know you’re onto a good thing, right?

It’s no different for your own business. It’s one thing to have a great brand and an amazing online presence, but…

…if no one really “knows” you, how can they ever refer you with confidence?

Want some straight-up honesty? Every single client I have booked through The Strategy Studio to date (from across three continents) have either met me in person at some point, or been told about me by someone else. They’ve contacted me via my website or social media channels after looking into my business in more detail, but they found out that I existed because of word of mouth.

Don’t worry, networking makes me want to curl up in a ball and hide too! But there’s other ways to meet people outside of networking events! Set up that coffee date, make that phone call to follow up on an email, collaborate, offer an exchange of services with someone… have conversations with people at every opportunity you get.

Your “audience” are real people—not just online profiles!

Every bride knows a bride. Every small business owner knows another small business owner. Every mother knows a mother.

There are people out there that need what you have to offer. You just need to let more people know how you are able to serve them.

Tahnee Sanders