Yes! You really need an "About" page!

“But do I REALLY need an about page?” Yes, absolutely. And here’s why.
If your business is offering a service, anyone considering hiring you wants to know WHO they’re doing business with.

Imagine if you’re a customer: You have two businesses you’re considering using.
▪️One has an about page with a friendly photo and great story about the purpose and passion behind their business. You feel instantly connected to them, you already “like” them, and it appears they have the experience to back it all up.
▪️The other business has a beautiful looking brand and website, comes across as very experienced and professional. You like what you see but when you click on their about page it says something vague like “We service Vancouver and beyond.”
So... who would you do business with?
As much as we don’t like to admit it, we judge a business A LOT by what we see and read. The business with a mediocre about page is an opportunity to start wondering things like, how many people actually work for this business? How many years have they been in business? Who will I be talking to if I contact them? Are they male or female? How experienced are they? Will I feel comfortable asking a “stupid” question to them?
Sure, it would be nice to think these things don’t matter and that clients purely book services based on professional experience alone, but we all know that’s not true.
A confident and well presented About page is one of the best ways you can address all of these thoughts/concerns which will encourage a potential client to inquire with you. And then the real work starts.

(Fun Fact: When I was looking to hire a new accountant I perused SO many about pages looking for someone who I thought talked (through their words) and looked approachable and “real” and who could speak numbers in a manner I would understand. Ridiculous? Yep! But did it work, absolutely.)

Tahnee Sanders