Why the "unfollows" don't really matter

“The more effort I put into posting on Instagram, the more followers I lose!” 

Sound familiar? 

I had a client share this sentiment with me recently and it was followed by questioning whether they should just “give up” on Instagram and divert their efforts elsewhere, which is a valid question. But my answer was “No. Definitely not.” And here’s why. 

If someone unfollows your Instagram account, they were never going to be an engaged customer or client anyway, so it’s not really a loss! You only want followers who want to hear from you. 

“But what about optics? Isn’t it better to look like I have a lot of followers?” (I knew you were going to ask.) I’d argue that those days are long gone.

Think about it. When you visit a new Instagram profile, are you going to make a conscious decision to not follow them because they don’t have “enough” followers? Hell no! You’re going to do the 3-thumb scroll through their grid, see if there’s something that catches your attention, give it a look/read, and if you find value - you’re going to hit that “follow” button.

Instead of asking yourself “Are my follower numbers growing fast enough?”, ask yourself: “Am I receiving the right type of inquiries/orders?” And if the answer to that is “YES!” Then I’d say you’re doing something right. Keep on, keeping on!   

Adding value matters. Not numbers. You are so much more (valuable) than a number.

Tahnee Sanders