Why I changed my mind about "Balance"


I want to talk about #balance. I really loathed this word for the longest time, and probably even more so since having my daughter in 2017. All of my exposure to this word seemed to be either unrealistic or glorifying the hustle and made me feel inadequate as both a Mum and a business owner. 

But then my old journalism brain kicked in and I started to think about the difference between balance as a noun, and a verb. #geek, I know, but stick with me here!

Balance (noun): an even distribution of weight enabling something to remain upright and steady. 

Balance (verb): to keep or put something in a steady position so that it does not fall.

Do you see the difference? Balance, as I like to think about it, isn’t a mundane object (a noun), it’s a living breathing action (a verb). It’s about responding to your current conditions. Like skiing or surfing, you need to respond to the snow or the wave and it’s always going to be different and changing. What balance looks like for you does not have to look like balance to anyone else. As long as you are always in motion responding to your conditions, you’ll find your way. 

As Albert Einstein famously said “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

Push on, friends. You’ve got this.

Tahnee Sanders