What is your business superpower?

What is your superpower?

Odd question, I know, but the best question I've ever been asked in business and I'm going to explain why.

During strategy sessions I regularly asks clients "What is your point of difference?". What I'm asking here is:
▪️What sets you apart from your competition?
▪️Why would a customer choose to work with you over anyone else?
▪️How do you add value for your clients?

Most people find it really hard to answer because it feels a bit like you're tooting your own horn. But when I instead ask them "What's your superpower in business?" they laugh and then come out with great responses like:
▪️I know how to read people and translate the thoughts and words they're struggling to convey into a cohesive visual brand.
▪️I love logistics; give me all of the moving pieces and I'll fit them together seamlessly.
▪️I see flowers differently and pair unlikely combinations and colours in interesting ways that surprise and excite people.

When they share these answers I hear joy and excitement in their voice. I hear passion and a love for what they do. You see, these superpowers are their point of difference. It's how they add value, it's what sets them apart from their competition, it's the reason a client would want to work with them and it's the best thing to know about yourself in business.

My superpower? Taking big ideas or challenges that seem overwhelming and breaking them down into actionable steps that feel possible!

What's your superpower?

Tahnee Sanders