I don't work in the "ideal world", and here's why

“In an ideal world….”

This expression has been on my mind a lot lately after several clients shared with me their concerns that they lack the time / money / resources to execute on the strategies they’d been told their businesses need. They’d all spent large amounts of money on business coaches / marketing experts / online courses but walked away from the experiences feeling more overwhelmed than ever. 

I want to share some thoughts on this topic, because I believe a lot of it has to do with understanding the nuances of how small businesses function.

▪️In an ideal world you’d complete all of the things on your to-do list. 

▪️In an ideal world you wouldn’t be juggling a full time job AND a side hustle. 

▪️In an ideal world your work week wouldn’t be completely derailed by a sick child or failed nap times! 

▪️In an ideal world you’d have excess cash flow to invest in marketing to beat the damn algorithms. 

▪️In an ideal world you’d have all the time / money / resources you needed.

BUT we live in the real world, not the “ideal world”.

We get busy. We need to pay bills. Kids get sick (and have epic nap fails). We launch new ideas without $50K advertising budgets. We grow our businesses with the available resources we have. And we SUCCEED. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious that you’re not growing your business or launching your next big idea in the way you think you “should”, I want you to consider this: You became an entrepreneur to pursue a passion and design a lifestyle that works for YOU. Noone else.

What do you need from your business? What does success look like you for?

Chances are it’s different for all of us, and I’d also take a guess that it’s considerably different to the influencers / millionaires / corporate business coaches selling you their fool-proof methods for growing a 7-figure empire.

If the 7-figure empire is your dream… go for it! But if it’s not, that’s okay! It’s more than okay—it’s perfect. Because it’s personal to you. 

So, let’s all stop losing sleep over what we think we “should” do, and instead ask ourselves “What is the next best step forward for ME?”.

There’s more than one way to do business. After all, that’s why we decided to run our own.

Rather than being overwhelmed by what we can’t do, let’s feel empowered to do everything we can.

Tahnee Sanders