How I became an entrepreneur


If you asked me 10 years ago whether I would ever have my own business, I probably would have laughed. I was working for a national news organization at the time, and the thought of working for myself wasn't even remotely on my radar (despite growing up in a family where my parents owned two small businesses).

But that all changed when I moved to Canada in 2012 for what was meant to be a 1-year career break. I met women—incredible women—who had stepped away from the security of the "traditional" workforce, and were building their own success stories as entrepreneurs.

I admired their vision. I admired their fearlessness. I admired their grit and work ethic. But most of all, I admired them as individuals. They challenged me, they took risks on me, and they made me realise I had so much more to offer than I ever realised.

For the longest time I would criticise myself for even the thought of turning my back on a university degree, the corporate world, and 6 years as a news journalist. "The stupidity!" But I now know what I was really waiting for was the permission to do so. These women made me realise the only person I needed permission from, was myself.


And here I am, 7 years later, with a business of my own that I am immensely proud of. These empowered women empowered me to write my own story of a different kind. My hope is that I can be that same catalyst for others.

To all the women that empowered and supported me in making The Strategy Studio a reality, particularly Johanna Siu of Celsia Floral, Ashley Bond of Spread Love Events, Emily Newman of If I Made, Tiffany Berkowitz, Elizabeth Durels, Kate Lade and Anna Wendtman. Thank you.

And to all the women with a big idea / side hustle / passion project you're working towards... give yourself permission and keep fighting for it. It's oh so worth it.

Tahnee Sanders