Instagram tips to boost engagement

IG TIPS.001.jpeg

Your Instagram engagement is a far more valuable asset than any number of followers or likes. An engaged follower is a loyal follower, and that’s a relationship you want to value and invest in.

Here’s 5 tips for how you can start creating more engaging content.

  1. Your caption matters.

    “Time spent on post” is one of the factors the Instagram algorithm looks at when determining what to push in the feed. Giving people something to read will obviously keep them around longer, but you want to make sure that your caption is also worth your followers investment in time, or they won’t be back. Communicate in a meaningful way. Think about how you can inform, educate, or entertain them.

  2. Get Tagging.

    Using mention tags whenever you’ve teamed up with a fellow entrepreneur or brand not only gives appropriate credit to your partnership, but it’s an opportunity for cross promotion for the both of you. And don’t forget hashtags… did you know you can use them in your Stories, as well as your feed?

  3. Give your Instagram feed and Stories a soul.

    Sounds dramatic, but all I really mean is to give it personality, and a face. Don’t let the automated side of scheduling your Instagram strip it of life. Use your voice and show your followers that a real human is behind your feed.

  4. Start a conversation.

    Sure, this can be hard when you’re launching a new business (Hi to my 33 followers!) but we want to avoid using social media to simply “shout” at people all the time. Instead, give them a reason to continue engaging with us / our brands. Try asking a question from time to time, either in your caption or with the question sticker in your Instagram Stories.

  5. Treat your followers like people, not a product.

    Social media is about making connections, and Instagram is the perfect opportunity for you to build and strengthen that connection with your followers, who might one day become customers. Add value to their life in any way you can.

In other words, “Be yourself!” Your individuality is your greatest asset.

Tahnee Sanders