it’s pronounced like Renee, but with a ‘T’


I’m tahnée Sanders, a former journalist turned small business strategist

And now you’re wondering two things:

  1. What is a small business strategist?

  2. How did a journalist become one?

Great questions, and it’s a fun story, so let me share.

I’ve always been a storyteller so a journalism degree and career felt like a natural fit for me. And it was, for 5+ years. I LOVED it; living and breathing the news cycle, writing to my heart’s content, the rapid career progression. At 26 I was the youngest editor of a daily newspaper in Australia and winning media awards for my work. I was in my element… until I wasn’t.

I suddenly realised I was on the hamster wheel! In becoming an editor I’d lost touch with what I really loved about being a writer; listening to people’s stories, asking the right questions, and then finding the best way to share their story with a wider audience.

So I took a break for 12 months.

My husband and I travelled South America and then moved on to Canada where he had picked up a new job. Thinking it was going to be a short stay, I went all-in on this “career break” and applied for a job as a florist. I should mention: I knew NOTHING about flowers. Loved them, but had ZERO floristry skills.

But I did have an eye and expertise for all things online, so I used that to my advantage. I boldly wrote a pitch to the owner of a flower shop I’d come to admire and offered to rewrite their website, manage their blog and create a social media strategy for their business in exchange for being taught about floral design.

And it worked! I landed a dream job surrounded by flowers! (Side note: Florists—and wedding industry professionals—are quite possibly the hardest workers I’ve ever met!)

Little did I know this job would turn out to be my first foray into small business strategy.

At its core, small business strategy is about making a manageable plan to help an entrepreneur achieve their business goals and gain a sustainable, competitive advantage.

While I adored the flowers, my passion was finding ways to bring the big ideas of this little flower shop to life! They had a vision and a story to tell, they just needed help to make it happen.

I lead them through a rebrand, redesigned their client experience, overhauled their online presence, launched a flower workshop series, and helped them partner in an international photography workshop.

I had found my calling.

We didn’t leave Canada at the end of those 12 months, and I’ve spent the six years since then working alongside small businesses in the wedding industry supporting them in reaching their goals.

As Content Strategist for online learning platform If I Made, I’ve listened to thousands of creative entrepreneurs share their greatest struggles in business. I’ve had the rewarding task of finding solutions to these challenges, working alongside Once Wed and If I Made founder Emily Newman producing courses with wedding industry experts including Sarah Winward, Sinclair and Moore, Ginny Au, Jasmine Rae and Winifred Kristé Cake.

The Strategy Studio is the result of my years of listening, learning and implementing.

While all of our businesses are unique, our struggles are universal, and we shouldn’t have to face them alone.

  • Knowing how to connect with your ideal client is hard

  • Finding time to pursue your big ideas is hard

  • Keeping on top of your marketing plan and your socials is hard

  • Doing “all the things” is hard.

I hear you, and I’m here to help. Having the business and life you really want IS possible.

No matter how big or small your idea or your challenge, let’s find a solution.

Helping small businesses thrive is the stuff that makes me feel alive.

Thanks for being here,